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Pear is a major fruit tree in the Rosaceae family. PearEXP provides a platform for exploration of pear (Pyrus bretschneideri) proteomic and transcriptomic information. In total, 17,953 proteins and 28,220 transcripts were identified from 24 pear tissues. Proteomic data represent both label-free quantitative (LFQ, which is suitable for relative quantitative comparison of protein abundancy between samples) and intensity-based absolute quantification (iBAQ, which is a reliable quantitative comparison of different proteins within one sample). Transcriptomic data are shown as transcripts per kilobase million (TPM). With the mass spectrometry-based proteomic evidence, an integrated proteogenomic pipeline has been executed to improve the pear genome annotation. The proteogenomic strategy identified 4,294 new protein coding events. The mass spectrometry-based annotation is also shown in PearEXP. Overall, PearEXP provides the first comprehensive proteomic and transcriptomic atlas of pear. We hope these expression data will be useful for colleagues in studying woody perennial fruit trees.

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